Cut Off No Back
Anthony DeLuca
Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist
Nutritional Therapy Practitioner
Holistic Lifestyle Coach
B.S. Kinesiology

I have helped top athletes, those struggling with chronic illness, and everyone in between-- Believe me, I have experienced each realm personally throughout my own health journey!


Before I dealt with illness and injury, I was training elite athletes from the U.S. Men’s and Women’s Olympic Rowing Team, Philadelphia Flyers, NFL, and have helped hundreds of others with varying goals achieve high performance. 


It wasn’t until I personally pushed myself to the brink of several health complications that I became debilitated by chronic illness--unable to get out of bed in the morning. I was bounced around by doctors who sent me away with contradicting (and terrifying) misdiagnoses, from having Multiple Sclerosis with only a few years left to live, to just having depression. I refused to believe this was the case and knew something was wrong. It wasn't until almost 2 years later that I discovered my diagnosis of having Lyme Disease with multiple underlying co-infections.


I have also dealt with chronic pain from an injury and surgery that was not properly conducted. A mishap “routine” shoulder surgery left me with nerve damage, affecting my neck and spinal cord. I went from being a football and rugby athlete, to being in constant pain, unable to exercise and perform daily tasks.


Regaining my health made me realize how irreplaceable a role that energy plays in our lives and just how many common misconceptions are leaving people frustrated and sick with health issues and imbalanced lifestyles. So, I started traveling to my clients to train them in ways that respect functionality and athletic potential in backyards, beaches, parks and then set up their ideal home environment for health and healing. Thus, Nomad was born. 


My Health Philosophies

I have realized health is a funny thing: when we have it, we take it for granted. When we lose it, it becomes the only thing we want. Our values arise from perceived voids and showing others how to regain health is my mission for those seeking answers and understanding the gym culture does not often coincide with health.


I believe that exercise and nutrition is just a small piece of what constitutes our health and wellness. Through my own experience, health is determined by how adaptable we are to our natural environment. The more aligned we are with nature’s rules, the longer and stronger we live. 

NomadBody is a holistic lifestyle that empowers humans to take control of their health and self-care, anytime, anywhere. I take an integrated approach with my clients, treating the body as a whole system and finding the root cause of a problem. 


My overall mission is to shed light on the healing power of nature while utilizing technologies for good, reversing chronic illness, improving the health of others, revolutionizing movement biomechanics and optimizing our environment. With that comes an ever more committed passion to serve the health & wellness community and help others seek their relative “truths” of what it actually means to move better, feel better and live better lives!