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NomadBody, a Primal Wellness Lifestyle
Anthony DeLuca
Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist
Nutritional Therapy Practitioner
Holistic Lifestyle Coach
B.S. Kinesiology
Cut Off No Back

I believe that exercise and nutrition is just a small piece of what constitutes our health and wellness. Through my own experience, health is determined by how adaptable we are to our natural environment. The more aligned we are with nature’s rules, the longer and stronger we live. 

NomadBody is a holistic lifestyle that empowers humans to take control of their health and self-care, anytime, anywhere. I take an integrated approach with my clients, treating the body as a whole system and finding the root cause of a problem. 

My overall mission is to shed light on the healing power of nature while utilizing technologies for good, reversing chronic illness, improving the health of others, revolutionizing movement biomechanics and optimizing our environment. With that comes an ever more committed passion to serve the health & wellness community and help others seek their relative “truths” of what it actually means to move better, feel better and live better lives!

Personal Training

​Nomad performance training starts with a lifestyle evaluation to develop custom-fit diet, nutrition, and fitness goals for you. Personal workouts combine advances in sports medicine, energy healing, the power of nature, and mental performance coaching.

Health & Chronic Illness Consultations

​Often misunderstood and misdiagnosed, people with Lyme disease and other chronic illnesses may end up seeking alternatives to the medical establishment. Anthony has been through Lyme and is now thriving. Contact him to begin your journey from chronic illness to a healthier life.

Nutrition and Wellness

The Nomad approach to nutrition is based on returning the body’s rhythm to be in synch with the natural world. Whether your metabolism is on autopilot or you are fed up with calorie counting, Nomad nutrition plans are designed to rejuvenate your body, mind, and spirit.

Prehab & Injury Prevention

Anthony perfected his understanding of myofascial muscle release while working with professional athletes. Nomad offers a set of proven techniques that improve physical performance while preventing inflammation and injury.

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— Chris. S

“I succumbed to so much bad science within conventional wisdom when dealing with health guidance. Anthony made me realize that the calories-in, calories-out theory is poor, outdated science. He taught me how to manage my day, my home environment and what to eat to achieve effortless results. I now enjoy the foods I eat without restriction and have so much more energy and focus throughout my day!”


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